Product Development

You have a great idea - we can bring it to life.  Our services include:

  • We start with a confidentiality agreement
  • Then a 1 hour consultation at no charge to see if there is a good fit
  • We'll start with some simple sketches to help define the function
  • SolidWorks then transforms your concept into a virtual 3D prototype
  • When that looks good we can create a physical prototype, often with printed parts
  • We can then assist you in developing a marketing plan and determine manufacturing costs
  • We can help you obtain a utility patent or provisional patent
  • We have local, US, and overseas manufacturing resources
  • First production run
  • Then mass production
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Supplemental Design

We use SolidWorks to assist companies, individuals and machine shops to:

  • Draw your existing part in 3D CAD to make a duplicate or
  • Modify an existing CAD drawing to make an improved version
  • Convert your existing CAD file to a different format
  • Reverse engineer your antique tractor parts or 300 ton mining excavator king block in 3D CAD to make a new one
  • Convert 2D old-school drawings into 3D CAD or apply ECO (Engineering Change Order) history to bring 3D models and 2D drawings up to the current revision.

Why are 3D models important? Today most production machine shops rely on receiving 3D models from customers.  These 3D digital representations of the part to be made are fed into the machine shops CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems.  The CAM system creates Geo-code that directs the motion of the machine tool producing the parts resulting in precision representations of the CAD model.  For medium and higher complexity parts this can be much less expensive than parts produced on older manual machines and certainly more accurate.

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Planning & Marketing

Our experience and services at Dragonfly include:

  • Startup & mature business planning
  • Raising working capital - Crowd funding
  • Dealing with investors
  • Financial planning and detail cash flow analysis tools
  • Product marketing
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Your Elevator Speech


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Want to get started?

Let's get together and create some sketches. Give us a call.