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Our Approach

Dragonfly Product Design (AKA: DragonflyCAD) provides a creative, collaborative and practical approach to bringing your product ideas to market. We specialize in Design For Manufacturability (DFM). That means that your product can be economically manufactured using processes and materials that are realistic, economical and sustainable (we offer a free Sustainability analysis on key components of your product).  We can provide industrial design, product engineering research, development, marketing and distribution planning. Our customer base consists of inventors, entrepreneurs and established companies that need innovative yet practical solutions to everyday and some not-so-everyday problems.  Sounds serious, but we take a practical approach to your needs and budget.  A what-is-really-important-right-now approach, understanding that many new companies or inventors are still exploring the idea when they come to us.  They need design help, manufacturing help, but most of all, something to show investors that will help convince them that the product is viable and market worthy.


Our Story

We have worked in Hi Tech and manufacturing in the Silicon Valley for many years and gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in product engineering, design, manufacturing and general business management.  Nick’s experience in developing new ideas has been instrumental in the success of his companies, including Donte Designs (created in 2009) and ZUCA, (created in 2002). Nick, together with his wife and co-founder, Laura Udall, grew ZUCA (www.zuca.com) into a successful consumer products manufacturing and distribution company marketing an all-purpose gear carrier with an integrated seat.

Our Principal

Nick Udall

Our CEO, SolidWorks guru, designer, manufacturing expert and Mechanical Engineer.

Nick graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1971 and Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business with a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 1975.  Prior to that, Nick was a member of the U.S. Army serving in Vietnam providing battle field intelligence and aerial reconnaissance with the 525th MI Group. Nick was Operations Support Manager for FMC Airline Equipment Division (1971-82), an Independent ERP Consultant (1980-85), a Co-founder and VP of Sales for the first Unix-based fully integrated ERP system, Minx Software Inc. (1985-93), and a Regional Director for SE Technologies with 3 regional offices and 150 employees (1998-2001).  In 2002, Nick and his wife started Zuca Inc. This depth of experience makes Nick an invaluable resource for Dragonfly Product Design customers.

Michael Pierce

Our electrical and electronics designer, & PCB guru.

Michael has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University and an MBA from Rutgers in New Jersey, and has over 30 years experience in electronic product development.  From radio automation equipment, commercial security monitoring systems, closed circuit TV, commercial fire alarms and most recently point of sale terminals.   He also has considerable experience getting products into manufacturing with local and overseas CMs.

Here are some of Michaels capabilities: 

* Electrical system design and architecture

* circuit design – digital – analog

* PCB design

* embedded software

* remote sensing and control / SCADA

* Internet of things

* operator interfaces / LCDs

* Data communications Ethernet, USB, Wifi,  BLE

* RFID systems.

* technical documentation

* Certifications (EMC, ESD)

* Design for test and manufacture

* Electrical Test fixtures.

* props and special lighting effects

* fast prototype of concepts using off the shelf modules such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, microbit and other modules.   

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