Product Development

We listen carefully, record the purpose, features and look and feel of your idea.  We discuss the manufacturing cost and point out any changes that would make the product easier to make and possibly more appealing without altering the purpose and also take into consideration your marketing visuals, buying audience and your development budget.

3D CAD Design

Whether you just need a CAD file you can take to a machine shop for a part, or you are developing a complete product, we can design your product using industry-leading SolidWorks 3D modeling software.  This software "prototypes" your product assuring the look, feel and fit of every part and their inclusion in each assembly.  Prototype parts, if made to these drawings will fit together and allow you to quickly proceed to the first stages of product testing using "printed", machined and purchased components.

Business Consultation From Design to Distribution

If you need it, we can provide the essential business and operational support necessary for production and marketing success.  As you approach production and sales development, we can assist in planning production assembly and material requirements, forecasted cost and income including a detailed forward cash-flow analysis, marketing strategy, and sales channel analysis.  We have years of experience with ERP, MRP, Engineering Change Management, Part numbering schemes, Bills of Material and much more.

Product Design and Development

We start with your ideas, napkin sketches, hand-made samples, current products, or whatever you have, and use industry-leading tools including SolidWorks 3D modeling to express the detail design, create virtual prototypes, and produce DFM (Designed For Manufacturability) production drawings. We also construct physical prototypes, fully functional parts, systems and machines from one-off to establishing U.S. and overseas manufacturing resources from short runs to mass production.

Business Assistance

Our services extend beyond the product into the business realm as well. We can assist in marketing, patents, business operations, licensing, distribution, import-export and funding.

We're here to help...

Let us help you bring your product ideas to life.